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Re: [IP] more beginner questions....

At 03:46 PM 4/14/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>For what it is worth Sam and PleasM, since i've been pumping now for over a
>year, I have ALWAYS used humalog in a full 300 U syringe.  At my
>approximate 30 U a day, this gives me 10 days before I have to fuss with
>those damn bubbles in a new syringe.   It's not a scientific study , but I
>have never noticed any degradation of the insulin on the last day.  And I'm
>a really hot guy , too :-)

Well this only lends credence to the YMMV motto around here. We've had 
others that said that they thought they were having problems with 
degradation before even 3 days were up. But, as you say: "It's not a 
scientific study". So each person needs to go with whatever seems to work 
for them.

(sometimes I think that being diabetic is an art, not a science)

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