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Re: [IP] Blaming Diabetics

At 10:10 AM 4/14/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Better is: "test discretely."  Until society is free of blood borne
>diseases, like AIDS, there is no reason to expose others to blood.

A little info AIDS is not a disease  AIDS can be caused by a great number
of things, including some cancers.  HIV is the one that needs to be watched
8).. me personally i would be more worried about someone caughing around me
more than seeing blood. just remember "Universal Precautions" (in short if
its wet and not yours DON'T touch it).  there are ALOT more contagous
things out their and the sad thing is people are not aware of this... TEST
PROUDLY.. don't change your habbits for ANYONE..

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