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[IP] Travel to France

Debbie wrote:

> To any/all experienced travelers to France (or Europe [SNIP]
> Is there anything I need to be aware of in traveling to France and 
> the use of the pump?  Any wise tips [SNIP] how much extra supplies 
> do I need a note.   

Well, since this is a digest from like a WEEK ago, I hope you haven't left 
yet.  If not, I hope I can assist.  Having been to France 4 times "avec" 
pump, and twice "sans" pump, I can say that it is MUCHO easier this way, 
though not necessarily lighter on the bags.  Now, if you want to pop 
impromptu into that "petite patisserie" for "un cafe et croissant avec 
confiture", it is possible.

As for supplies, I know what my general rate of consumption is, as you do too 
I am sure, and I guess I add 1/3 to 1/2 over what I figure I will need.  If I 
was going for a week, I would take (and this is with fresh everythings in the 
night before I left):  2 reservoirs (but would probably not use them since I 
tend to recycle for a week or two), 1 catheter only sets, 2 catheter + 
tubings sets, about 6-10 alcohol pads and Bard wipes.  3 regular syringes, a 
pen cartridge of humalog and a relatively full bottle of Velosulin, 8-10 
strips per day for the Profile, about 15 strips for my backup meter, one set 
of pump batteries, 2 or 3 clean lancets,,,not that I will use them...and my 
other meds.  All this (except the meters) fits in one of those plastic 5 x 8 
plastic pencil boxes you get office depot.  I would not just TRIPLE this for 
three weeks.  I know my ability to reuse, and only take extras for a 
contingency situation that rarely ever happens...

France is pretty up to date.  You can purchase strips and meters, if you cant 
find your particular brand at the pharmacy...though you have to find a 
pharmacy.  The "pharmacies" tend to be more beauty related than health 
related.  I cant' remember the french for an actual drug store right now.

Make SURE you have a note from your doc outlining ALL drugs you maybe on, the 
reason for syringes and what the pump is for.  If you can, find someone to 
translate it - or find one of those translator programs on the 
internet...just make sure it is correct!!!

> I know that MiniMed has an office in Paris so that provides some
> comfort.  I also speak the language.

Ditto...so when in the worst case, all you do is get some syringes and a 
bottle of insulin and go back to the old way...I got some kind of skin 
infections when I was there (1981...18 years old), and went to a doctor who 
did not speak English very well.  He gave me a prescription for something 
that I got...used, and was cured 2 days later...so I must have said the right 
thing.  Of course, THAT trip I was still using the old Monoject syringes that 
came encased in a huge plastic thing.  god what a burden on the ecosystem we 

Vive la France - take me with you!!!
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