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[IP] re pumpers at camp

Erica is going to camp this summer after just going on the pump.  There
will be other children there with the pump and some counsellors.  A big
change from last year when there were NONE!  Funny thing is, every year
I looked forward to one week of no stress, no schedules, and sleeping
in, plus the fact that Erica enjoyed herself.  This year, I was very
hesitant to send her but she wanted to go.  So, she is going, but I will
be on edge for the whole week!!  When I drop her off I am sure I will
drive the medical staff crazy with questions and quizzes!  They urged me
to send her and the councillor at the local chapter of the Canadian
Diabetes Assoc told Erica she was all excited about having some pumpers
this summer, they have been educating themselves a lot.....I think she
will have a great time and I bet some new kids will be pumping before
the summer is over!

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