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Re: [IP] Preferred provider's high supply prices

For what it is worth, Fifty-50 Pharmacy now sells pump supplies.  Their
prices are good , they are quick, they bill directly to insurance without
much fuss, and they give half their profits to diabetes research.

<<<<<On 12 Apr 99 at 9:42, Phil DuBois wrote:
> May I add another perspective?
And it is a valuable perspective, with some interesting input that we don't
often think about.  I would also like to see a good medical supply house
actually get their act together and contract with Chronimed (just like
Disetronic and MiniMed do!) to make "private label" infusion sets.  This
"generic" supply source would be able to market their supplies and give
discounts so operations like yours could actually handle the supplies and
provide some additional services...  hopefully at a competetive price so you
don't have to complain about other suppliers prices...
<<<<Even though MiniMed and Disetronic don't like it, people use the sets
from one
with the pump from the other...  that's called competition.  The distributer
networks are more of an anti-trust violation because they artificially inflate
prices and create a limited and captive market.  If a real service is provided
then a markup may be justified, but I'd rather buy from MiniMed direct at
a lower price than get the exact same response from a local supplier at two to
four times the price...
> I'm all for buying at the best price, and in the competitive world, may the
> best provider win.  However, it would be nice to have a level playing
>field. <<<<<<<<

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