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Re: [IP] more beginner questions....

Tara, this is one of the great mysteries of life.   Like how does one know
god, etc?   Everyone one has to determine this for themselfes.  My own
guidelines are:  is the site getting red?  Is there a bump or lump that i
can feel?  Is there any pain or sensitivity?  Does it seem like boluses are
not as effective?  This can happen if absorption is getting poor.  If a
bolus seems not to work once , I let it go, but if it happens two times in
a row, then I change sites.
Infection is not too much of worry.  Usually one or more of the above
answers are yes long before any serious infection develops.  I've never had
one myself.   Just trust your own judgement.  In 6 months you'll be giving
your own guidelines to others.

<From: Tara Dufour <email @ redacted>
<How does one know when it needs to be changed?  Is it just a matter of
<I'm just worried about infection.

* Wayne *

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