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Re: [IP] trigger finger

Sheila Sweat wrote:
> Does anyone know exactly what trigger finger is and what might cause
> it?  

Trigger finger is the result of swelling and irritation of the tendons
in your fingers and/or the sheath that runs them around the corners 
(knuckles). It's caused by wear and tear or injury, or may just 
happen to a diabetic as an indirect complication. I think dehydration
makes it worse, which may get it started in some cases.

Anyway, what happens is that the tendon can't slip throiugh the sheath
like it should and catches when you try to move it past a certain 
point. When you force it further it will suddenly release from the
extra pressure, but catch on the way back. It's not likely that you will
be able to hold your finger within the "locked" range of the finger.

I was told yesterday by my CDE to see a doctor because that what it
> sounds like I have in my middle right hand finger.  I was thinking I
> might have Carpal Tunnel is that the same thing? 

No carpal tunnel affects the nerves rather than the mechanical parts
of the hand.

Ted Quick
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