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[IP] female pump-wearers

Dear pumpers,

    I was just out of town doing a show, and I discovered a great place for
my pump - I couldn't wear it clipped to my skirt or to my bra in the costume
I had - and I find the "bra pocket" thing and the "waist-it" thing way too
bulky.  If you wear a bra, tuck it under your arm in the back side of the
bra - not in the breast pouch, but in the other part of it.  You need to be
wearing one that has a wide strap  so that it will stay in place.  And
don't need a clip or a pouch to hold it in place either - it's so discreet I
can't even tell it's there.  I also felt Sara's message about all of the
extra e-mails really good.  It's frustrating to  spend so much time trying
to find information, and most of the messages are one liners,  or inside

Talk to you soon.
Mary Bacon
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