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Re: [IP] Diabetes Camp and Pumps

> I would like to get comments on how young pumpers do camp.  With
> pumps? Without? 
My experience with Lily at Diabetes camp at age 11, 12. This was 3/4 
years ago. They didn't have a clue about the pump. They wanted Lily 
to adhere to the snack, test, sleep, etc.... schedule of a kid on 
shots (she didn't), however, she likes seconds at meal time, dessert, 
no snacks, etc... Lily was the only kid out of 200 with a pump. The 
second year there were two counselers with pumps but no kids.
The next three years she has gone to a regular camp in the Sierras 
for 2 weeks each summer. This year she will go back as a counseler. I 
have talked with the medical staff (nurse) and camp director each 
year to make sure they understand the implications of having a 
diabetic "up in the woods" and last year there was another diabetic 
(non-pumper) at the camp. Lily takes a cell phone so she can call 
home if need be (she hasn't). If your daughter has not been to camp 
before, then diabetes camp is probably a good choice even if they're 
not "up to speed" on pumps. The at least will know what to do in an 
emergency. Take a look at the "Letter for Teachers and Coaches" on 
the kids page for some written info you can give to the camp nurse, 
cabin counseler, and director. If your daughter is comfortable at 
camp already, consider a regular camp if you can establish a rapport 
with the director and medical folks. It can be very rewarding for 
your child to stand on her own two feet.

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