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Re: [IP] farewell and thanks

> As my insurance company is unwilling to pay for a pump and my
> physician is not strongly in favour of it because I have "brittle"
> diabetes and gastroparesis for good measure, I know that I am not
> likely to get a pump. I therefore  resign from the pumpers list. I
> learned a lot from you all, I thank you and good luck. Auke (Greet
> Kershaw)
They will pay, you just have to appeal and fight. Get a new 
supportive doctor if necessary. Don't break the record..... so far 
everyone who has worked at it on the list has gotten their pumps. You 
can too. The insurance company may give you the run around, but in 
the long run they are obligated to provide you with treatment for 
your condition. Talk to MM and D and get a reccomendation for a more 
up-to-date doctor. Keep up the fight.

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