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re: [IP] Hypo Dreams!

I never dream, so when I do I know I am running low.  The problem is
knowing when I am actually awake.  When I have lows at night I tend to
halucinate a little and it makes it very hard to know what is going on. 
The same numbers during the day would hardly phase me.  I think it has
something to do with our sleeping patterns and our bodies reaction to
it.  I have been known to dream that I got up, got dressed, ate
breakfast and was on my way to work, when I was actually still asleep
running low. <shrug> When I was 4 my first real low scared my parents
because I thought the food they were trying to feed me was alive and
chasing me.  A coke bottle(the old glass 16oz ones...oh how I miss
those) with a straw dangling out of it(my dads weapon of choice) chasing
me around the house along with an orange sherbet container (my moms
weapon of choice that night). A funny story to tell now, not so funny
then.  Then there was the stampede of animal crackers at age 6 but I
won't bore you with that one. :)

- Sherry
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