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[IP] PureLine Comforts

Neal wrote:

> does anyone else change the needle, but reuse the tubing?  
> If so, how many times can you reuse the tubing....save a lot 
> of money?  Can you buy the cannula sets separately without tubing?

well that is what instruction sheet is referring to - ALL boxes have ten 
packets in them.  In the 1/2 1/2 box that sheet is referring to, all Ten have 
cannulas, but only FIVE of them have tubing...so, they are ASSUMING that half 
of your changes are gonna be catheter ONLY..  You must have gotten wrong 
sheet if all ten of your packets have both pieces.,

I personally re-use them about as long a I use the same syringe - about 2 
weeks.  i do NOT get NO DELIVERY alarms and I have no problem with the 
O-rings not sliding and no problem with insulin crystalizing in tube (a moot 
issue anyway...).  You know how they are usually clear?  The last one i 
changed was literally TAN when i finally stopped using it...it picks up 
clothing fibers I guess - heh heh heh...given the crappiness of my eyes these 
days, the colored tubing was a lot easier to see laying on the white floor 
than the clear one I must say

Money wise - i dont know if it saves anything...I have piles of extra tubings 
if anyone wants to use them...though i may be stringing a bunch together to 
make myself a noose if my taxes don t get done soon

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