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Re: [IP] Blood in Cannula...& Pizza H E L P !

>  I am
> so afraid to give her a big boost, but it this happens much more, I
> will be zapping her and then crawling in beside her! 

I remember that feeling. But.... if you've done the numbers and 
reasonably accounted for missed insulin, carbo in the pipeline, it is 
reasonable to give the insulin. Check her bg's in an hour if your 
really worried (they will be high still heh... heh...) and again at 
two to 2 1/2 hours. A large portion of the insulin should be "in" by 
then. and you may need some more. I figure 70% or so if it's for high 

> So, tell me again...I know I have read it somewhere, but what does
> blood in the cannula mean?  Too deep?  
Probably. Is this a Sofset or Tender?

>  She had the most fantastic sugars for 2 1/2 days.  Three
> hours previous to this 340 she was 108.
> She is staying for pizza on Friday at school.  We have avoided pizza
> like the plague since the pump came along, she doesn't really like
> it anyway, but it is a school pizza day and the only time the kids
> at school stay for lunch.  I don't want her to miss out on it, as
> only the pizza buyers get to stay. I know there are problems with
> slow breakdown of pizza...we will have to learn that one with time,
> but, is the ratio for pizza at the back of the Pumping Insulin book
> fairly accurate?  
It's play it by ear time. Lily spreads the bolus for pizza out over 
2 1/2 hours and her post-prandials are "better", still not great. I 
suspect she is not bolusing enough. It seems that the cheesier the 
pizza is the more insulin she seems to need over the long term. I 
don't mean a shift of insulin, but added insulin for the same size 
slice. The grocery store pizza doesn't require much (comparitively). 
Pizza parlor pizza requires much more.

> Any advice VERY appreciated!!

You need to keep track of the amount of pizza (slice size, weight, 
something) and the vendor. The carb accounting will vary for each 
vendor and I've found it always higher than I imagine. Check at 2 - 3 
hours and shoot for 120 - 150 to be conservative. Check again every 
couple of hours up to 6 if the pizza is the cheesie kind. This is the 
kind that needs the longer square wave bolus.

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