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Re: [IP] Hypo dreams!

My worst hypo nightmare was the one where I was trapped in a submarine
at the bottom of the sea, and I KNEW I had to come up, but I couldn't
get out, because if I cut a hole in the hull, the water would rush in
and drown me, but if I didn't, I'd die of suffocation at the bottom of
the sea, anyway. Call it a death-or-death choice! 

Woke up sweating and terrified and gasping for breath! I think the
bottom of the sea was my brain's metaphor for  being low, and needing to
rise -- pretty clever, now that I think of it!!!!  :)

I almost always respond to night-time hypos with nightmares -- and if
they wake me up, maybe that's a good thing, even if I AM terrified!


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