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Re: [IP] Blaming Diabetics

On 13 Apr 99 at 23:30, email @ redacted wrote:

> << It turns out that she was a "practical nurse" (i.e. not a registered 
>  nurse) for a short time, decades ago. But, that doesn't stop her from 
>  talking like she knows everything medical. Argghh!! >>
> I don't like to start anything, but practical nurses are nurses.  Most of the
> times they do more on the job than registered nurses do.

The problem comes from many people who were trained as practical nurses (in 
Kentucky they may be licensed so they are LPN's) and then dropped out, let 
their licenses lapse and never kept up with medical advances...  I know many 
people in this category  who haven't worked as a "nurse" or even tried to find 
out what current practices are since they quit working years ago...  yet still 
bill themselves as "medical professionals"...  Some states don't even have 
licensure for nurses so practically anyone can call themselves a nurse...  In 
Kentucky you have several levels of training, from nurses aids who have some 
training and a basic certification level required to work in nursing homes or 
similar settings, LPN's who have more training and a board exam, to RN's 
with an Associates degree and RN's with a bachelor's or master's in Nursing 
from an accredited school... 

The problem is that you have people all across this spectrum of training, 
certification and experience that have the same title - "Nurse"... like the 
plant nurse where I work - he's an RN and also an EMT with training in trauma 
and triage... but he doesn't know much about diabetes management except what 
we've talked about...  

It's kind of like the situation I have found myself in a few times... I'm a 
minister with a Southern Baptist background and pastoral experience.  I have 
been introduced to people as "Reverend Winchester" and they immediately ask me 
some question about parish politics in the Methodist church or the internal 
struggles in a Pentecostal church in the next town...  I may have opinions 
about those issues or (more likely) know absolutely nothing about them...  and 
if I venture to speculate it may sound good (because I'm "clergy" or a 
"religious professional") but is possibly only a limited view from the 

I also make my living as a computer systems analyst and programmer, working 
with Oracle databases, networks and systems in a Microsoft/Unix environment... 
If you ask me about a problem with your Macintosh all you'll get is a 
(mis)informed opinion... but it will sound like I know what I'm talking 
about... after all, I'm a "computer professional"

In the same way not all nurses are really qualified to dispense opinions or 
knowledge about diabetes, diabetes management or life in general...  but lack 
of qualifications doesn't stop most of us from commenting, giving advice or 
"trying to help"...  even if the person on the receiving end doesn't really 
want it...

Randall P. Winchester
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