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Re: [IP] Boating

On 13 Apr 99 at 19:51, Sam Skopp wrote:

> >test freqently when I'm on my sailboat because when I'm relaxed my bg
> >tends to  drop...
> It's not fair!! When I totally relax like a couch-potato, my BG's go up...

Relaxing on the sailboat means sitting back, one hand on the tiller and the 
other hand working the lines in a fifteen to twenty mile an hour wind... I have 
friends who don't like sailing because it's "too much work"...  It's not 
exactly like the couch-potato thing...  My wife and friends tell me that if my 
bg drops too fast or too far I start doing my Captain Bligh imitation and start 
threatening to throw people overboard...  I'm probably the only skipper on the 
lake who spent one summer getting Snickers bars thrown at him by his crew and 

Randall P. Winchester
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