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[IP] airports, dog houses, engineers

Before approaching the metal detector at the airport, I dump my change,
watch, medic chain, keys, etc. into a sandwich baggie, then into the
by-pass tray. This reduces "body metal" almost down to just the pump.
The baggie makes retrieval easy. I've never had a problem, regardless of
sensitivity settings.

Just returned to catch up on lots of posts. Hope michael & Sam are out
of their respective "dog houses". Wow, there's been a lot of engineer
bashing lately! I think we ( yes, I'm a civil, too ) should unite since
we are such regimented, articulating experts. Oh, you know what an
expert is...."an old drip under pressure". Aren't all pumpers then, ... experts?

Hmmm, maybe we are a zany lot & should have let some other discipline
design the pump!  Oops, here comes Joan. I think I know where I'm
headed. Move over.  Woof,woof!

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