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Re: [IP] Where to wear my pump

Great!  Thanks Sheila.  How long have you been diabetic?  Just wondering
because I'd like to ask you more questions about your pregnancy if you
wouldn't mind?

>      I breastfeed and wear the pump and I know what you mean.  I haven't worn
>it in my bra yet for that reason. I have had to wear pants and clip it to the
>waistband . As for at night they do make nursing night clothes with hidden
>openings in the top to nurse and lightweight lounging pants that I clip my
>to.  I don't think you will have too much trouble with the pump getting in the
>way if you keep it low unless you are nursing a toddler like me.  Now I just
>tell the boys don't hurt mommys pump and of course kevin wants to kiss it to
>make it all better!LOL It'll work out and you will find creative ways both to
>nurse and to pump sucessfully . Good Luck. Sheila

Pumping since 04/09/99
IDDM 15 years, pregnant, due date Sept. 23/99

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