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[IP] testing in bathrooms

I'm curious as to why so many people seem to think something terrible
will happen if they test in a bathroom which is not clean.

Personally I prefer to test in public but that's only because I don't
want to feel I have to do it "out of sight". But I have tested in
public toilets plenty of times and don't see what the problem is.
Firstly, you don't need to touch anything that might be dirty (and you
can wash your hands first too which of ourse you can't do in
public). Nor does any of your equipment need to touch anythign in
there. I put my meter on my lap or jsut hold it, get out a stup, stab
my finger, put the blood on the strip, all without needing to touch
anything else.
Secondly, so what if you do touch anything else? The worst that could
happen is you get something on your finger which then mixes withe
blood and gives you a false reading. And how likely is that? And no
worse than not washing your hands (which you wouldn't do if you tested
at the dinner table).
you might place you meter on an unclean surface but so what? It's not
going to give you an infection and it's not going to affect the meter.

I have injected millions of times (wit both vial and syringe or Novopen)
in public toilets and the same thing applies.

Am I missing something here?
Just what do you fear about it?

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