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Re: [IP] RE: Experiences with Camp Clara Barton

I attended Clara Barton in the mid to late 50s.  Anyone else out there?  
Actually, I hated it (my mother had a collection of "I hate camp" letters), 
partly because they attempted to keep my blood sugars quite low when the rest 
of the year my doctor's standards were a lot looser.  I think I usually felt 
bad, and actually passed out some.  Also, in those days the medical people 
talked to the parents, not the campers, and I a couple times overheard 
reports on me that implied my test results were bad because of some bad thing 
I had done (and the camp was so regimented it was beyond my imagination how I 
could have done anything).  But with all that, being around other diabetics 
was wonderful.

Linda Zottoli
dx1955 at age 8
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