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[IP] Blood in Cannula...& Pizza H E L P !

Hi folks,

Wouldn't you know it, 1/2 an hour after spending 1 1/2 hours on the
phone with another parent of a child diabetic, telling her wonderful
things were with the pump (with a few glitches) I headed to bed.
Oops...almost forgot to check Erica's blood sugar before hitting the
pillow.  340!!  Okay, so this is midnight.  I check to see that the
insulin is still coming through the tubing...okay.  Then I take a look
at the site and I can see blood coming up through the cannula.  This is
one of those 'learning curves' isn't it?.  Personally, I felt like
throwing the thing through the window, but commonsense prevailed and I
calmed down.  Changed the infusion set, and stayed awake most of the
night AGAIN bringing down sugars bit by bit.  I am so afraid to give her
a big boost, but it this happens much more, I will be zapping her and
then crawling in beside her!  Besides that, everything really has been
very well.

So, tell me again...I know I have read it somewhere, but what does blood
in the cannula mean?  Too deep?  We thought it was shallow enough.  She
had the most fantastic sugars for 2 1/2 days.  Three hours previous to
this 340 she was 108.

She is staying for pizza on Friday at school.  We have avoided pizza
like the plague since the pump came along, she doesn't really like it
anyway, but it is a school pizza day and the only time the kids at
school stay for lunch.  I don't want her to miss out on it, as only the
pizza buyers get to stay.
I know there are problems with slow breakdown of pizza...we will have to
learn that one with time, but, is the ratio for pizza at the back of the
Pumping Insulin book fairly accurate?  I can bring down my scale and do
the math....I was just wondering how much of a ballpark figure that was.

Any advice VERY appreciated!!
Barb,...who is smiling through gritted teeth and remembering that 90% of
the time everything is working terrific  :-}

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