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Re: [IP] NLD plus a vent

I have not been dx's with NLD, but I do have a slight rash on my left shin
that has been there for 1 year, and I have the shin scamps...I went and had
an x-ray of the leg earlier, because I was scared it was an infection.
Guess it's time to see a dermatologist......


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>From: "Joy Spoljaric" <email @ redacted>
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] NLD plus a vent
>Date: Mon, Apr 12, 1999, 10:18 PM

> Julie--
>      I too have NLD.  I have had the problem for about 9 years now.
> It all started when I bumped my shin in school.  Anyway, I have done
> some research about the condition, there is little info in the form
> of studies.  Everything that i have seen is case reports where
> docotors have tried things and it worked for their patient.  I have
> myself used steroid creams, steroid dressings, steriod shots--
> directly into my shin (ouch!) (this did help somewhat), i have also
> tried taking persantine and trental (both heart/blood medications)
> neither of those worked.  Basically I live with it as best i can, i
> have yet to develop an ulceration on my nld (knock on wood **) But i
> am EXTREMELY protective of my shins, the few times that i have bumped
> them they hurt like all hell!! (does this happen to you?) I also
> found that i get intense cramping in that shin when i walk or run.
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