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Re: [IP] Diabetes Camp and Pumps

Mike -

When I originally went to Diabetes camp, I was the youngest camper, being 6
years old.  I went every year following that until I was 14.

Camp for me was an invaluable experience.  When I was 6, I remember my
parents driving me to camp and thinking I couldn't believe my parents were
taking me somewhere where I would be all by myself -- I thought I was the
only diabetic in the whole world (remember -- this was the 'mind of a
child').  What a relief it was to find other kids my age who were having to
test their urine (and later blood glucose) and give injections -- it was
nice to know that I wasn't alone.

When I was around 10, I remember a young boy with an insulin pump, but if I
remember right, it was this huge contraption he was attached to.  Even with
the size of his pump, we all worked together and carried him above our heads
so his pump wouldn't get wet when we went on an overnight hike.  While I
never attended camp with a pump, the flexibility I now have using the pump,
it seems camp would be a breeze.  The staff at diabetic camps are trained to
watch for signs of low blood sugar, they check the children in the middle of
the night for low bs, etc.  My experience with camp was that if there were
any special situations, so long as the staff were made aware of it before
the camper arrived, they would make sure someone was knowledgeable on the

Hope this info helps!

Best Regards,
Andry Kennedy
Type 1 - 25 years
MiniMed 507C - July '98

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