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[IP] Hypo dreams!

Whoo! Am I on drugs or what!?!! I haven't had a low like this since injects
using R (2.5+ years ago). It's 2:45a and I was having the weirdest dream.
Now I know one of the side effects of reading this digest. I've just finish
with a meeting (this is the dream now and it's a very informal meeting) and
all of a sudden everyone's checking their bgs and checking their pumps.
Nobody else has a pump like mine (D) because theirs are better! Talk about
quick disconnect and all! (The details are starting to fade now but...) Fill
it up...it automatically takes care of all the air and bubbles...attach
it...it auto boluses to fill the catheter (kind of a pneumatic thing - sound
effects and all)...other neat discoveries that I can't remember. Someone let
me try theirs and when I put it in and it bolused to fill the catheter I
knew that it had done toooo much (basis for this dream element was that I
read yesterday that you're supposed to use 1 unit to do this instead of .5
like I have been doing (D tender). Oh, well. It works for me. I'm not
changin' now.)...then really weird things started to happen. I, of course,
recognized the signs of hypo and woke up and tested. Sure enough, bg was 35!
So now I'm waiting for the dextrotabs to take effect before dozing off
again. I don't dream much and rarely so vividly, so this was quite an

Who knows why I'm low...I had a snack right before I went to bed because I
wanted my bgs a little higher. I'm one of those with "erratic" bgs
(meaning: 2. wandering; not fixed -- my answer to "brittle"). This is just
another pothole in my trip through life.

Ok, that's enough. This is the hypo talking. But hey, pretty clear for such
a low isn't it? Or is that all in my mind?!!

3:20a and my bg is back to 98. Now that I'm in my right mind (ha) I have
second thoughts on sending this but am anyway.


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