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Re: [IP] farewell and thanks

At 09:23 PM 4/13/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>Dear Pumper Friends,
>As my insurance company is unwilling to pay for a pump and my physician is
>not strongly in favour of it because I have "brittle" diabetes and
>gastroparesis for good measure, I know that I am not likely to get a pump. I
>therefore  resign from the pumpers list. I learned a lot from you all, I
>thank you and good luck.

Too bad... being brittle is one of the best arguments FOR getting a pump. 
If you were in perfect control with MDI, you would have much less 
motivation to use a pump. Why do so many doctors get it backwards!?! We 
have scores of people here who have both gastroparesis and have been called 
brittle. They are all successful pumpers.


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