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Re: [IP] Re: Testing our BG

I went out try to eat tonight. I had my artificial larnyx and my Profile.
I was in the middle of testing my BGs when the waitress came. She saw the
blood. She asked me what I wanted to eat. I had to use my new voice and she
scared and wouldn't take my order :( Hubby was going to speak for me and I
"no" in a robot sounding voice..and I told the waitress that there was nothing
on me that was going to hurt her..
but she still looked to my hubby for the order. He looked and me and I gace
the order..
I believe  some people are afriad of blood  in general and then add to that
and there becomes paranoia. Then add a computer voice ...X-Files LOL. Well-
here in the north Georgia mountains I guess I have to educate. I am the only
person here with a artificial larynx. They'll get used to it because I am not
hiding LOL.
email @ redacted

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