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Re: [IP] Preferred provider's high supply prices

The reality is this:

If the insurer is an HMO, they cap what they will pay the provider. 
Usually, the provider agrees to not charge the balance to the patient
(this is usually called a "participating provider").

So, the provider can charge $1,000,000 for a box of strips, and they
will still only get paid whatever the capped amount is.  The problem
comes when a "cash customer" walks in and STUPIDLY pays the higher
price.  This can cause coronary arrest, a dramatic increase in blood
glucose levels, and/or a massive brain shut-down.

So, if you are an HMO patient, don't worry what they are charging.  The
HMO doesn't pay anywhere near that amount.  Trust me...they know what
they are doing...they are, after all, in the business to SAVE money.

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