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[IP] diabetes history

I too remember things being different.  The much larger gauge and not as
sharp needles, no glucometers.  I too used the Chemstrips and was
constantly disappointed in the results. I also remember the once weekly
trip at 6am to do a fasting glucose and then the doctor making changes
in my once a day shot based on that blood test.  I remember being told
about the girl at school that I planned to meet who died of
complications because "she ate what she wanted to and wasa bad girl".Boy
was I afraid constantly of dying because I cheated sometimes. I was told
that my life expectancy was maybe til 40, so I lived knowing that, and
my mom was advised to get me a tubal ligation just in case.  Thank
goodness she didn't because I was blessed with 4 healthy children.
Things certainly have advanced in the 24 years since my dx and I refuse
to give up- I won't let dm win. Sheila

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