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[IP] Michael Moore - Pancreas Transplant (?)

Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 15:37:02 -0400
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] Michael Moore - Pancreas Transplant (?)

Wayne wrote, "I don't who this guy is, but being diabetic doesn't ever
require immediate pancreas transplants.  However, the pancreas does provide
many essential digestive enzymes that we could not live without, nor could
be ingested or injected.  So if there were some destruction of the pancreas
(as with a tumor, for instance), then a transplant would be the only thing
that would enable life.  Not very common, and certainly not a stupid
question.  :-)"

Actually, you can take pills to replace the digestive enzymes needed.
That's what I started to do after being diagnosed with total pancreatic
failure.  They are expensive at about 0.75 each, and you need anywhere from
1-5 every time you eat.  But that is still less expensive than the
anti-rejection drugs.  It does make for a rather dramatic TV show, though. :-)

Kim, dx 1993, pumping 7/98, injecting and popping pills every time I eat
since 1997.

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