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Re: [IP] PureLine Comforts

Neal & Kara wrote:
> Also, even if you got an extra cannula set, does anyone else change the
> needle, but reuse the tubing?  

Yes, I've always done it that way. There wasn't a choice when I first got them, 
and I haven't really seen any reason to switch.

If so, how many times can you reuse the
> tubing?  

You get 10 canulas and 5 tube sets in each box, so the hose is used twice.

Does this save a lot of money?  

I haven't really compared, but there is a price difference. I figure it saves
the insurance company some money and does me no harm, plus it doesn't use up 
my maximum insurance account quite as soon.

Can you buy the cannula sets
> separately without tubing?
No, they only come as part of the sets, either 10 full sets or 5 tubes/ 10

Ted Quick
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