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Re: [IP] Do I have to?

Tara Dufour wrote:
> I notice the pump only holds 200 units without taking that thingee out which
> holds the syringe in place. Do most people need to remove it? If I try and
> take it out, is it easy to put back in?

It's purely a matter of choice. Most people who need less than 100 units per day
prefer the "short syringe" method because the syringe is totally within the
pump, so
it doesn't get caught on clothing or other things when you're moving around. It 
holds 150 units with it in, 300 with it removed. Also, if you need less than 50 
units per day it will last 3 days as a short syringe, and that's about how 
frequently most people wait to either change the infusion set or refill the 
syringe to have fresh insulin (particularly Humalog) in it.

I've never removed mine in either pump (old or new), but it's well engineered
should go back in easily when you use the tool provided in your kit to twist it
and back in again.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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