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Re: [IP] Do I have to?

Sam Skopp wrote:
> I've never tried to take that short neck gizmo out... isn't there a little
> tool that they give you to help put it back?? It's been long enough that
> I've forgotten.

Yup, there's a little tool. Which, if you don't use, you'll probably

I leave the gizmo in -- the only reason I can see to use the full 300
units is if you use a lot of insulin -- but then the neck of the syringe
sticks out, and if you wear it on your belt, and slump like I do, it
digs into you!!!!  :(

If I fill the syringe with 150 units, it'll last me about 6 days anyway,
which is enough for 2 set changes, so it works out.

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