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Re: [IP] PureLine Comforts

At 05:46 PM 4/13/1999  Neal & Kara wrote:
>I don't know about anyone else but the box that my Comforts come in DO NOT
>have two sections.  I get one cannula set and one tube in each vacumn-packed
>infusion set package.  What is the direction sheet talking about?

Those may be just generic instructions for the set, although it is packaged 
in more than one way. Or, they put the wrong instructions in the box. I'm 
pretty sure that the MiniMed version (Silhouette) can be purchased with 
just one set of tubing and two cannulas. I would imagine that the Tenders 
from Disetronics can be bought the same way. All three are made by the same 


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