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Re: [IP] Do I have to?

At 05:31 PM 4/13/1999  Tara Dufour wrote:
>I notice the pump only holds 200 units without taking that thingee out which
>holds the syringe in place. Do most people need to remove it? If I try and
>take it out, is it easy to put back in?

If you are using the MM, there are two positions for the reservoir. A lot 
of us use the "short neck" position and just "fill 'er up" to the 150ml 
line. Actually, I fill it to about 175-180ml and by the time I prime the 
tubing and insert it in the case, it's pretty close to the 150ml spot.  For 
me, that lasts just about 3 to 3 1/2 days... perfect timing for me. But, 
each person's usage will vary.

I've never tried to take that short neck gizmo out... isn't there a little 
tool that they give you to help put it back?? It's been long enough that 
I've forgotten.


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