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[IP] PureLine Comforts

After months on my disetronic H-Tron Plus v100, I decided to read the
instructions that come with my infusion sets.  The instructions for use in
the PureLine Comfort box I get states:

"The comfort box has two sections (upper & lower) each with its own opening.
    Lower - Contains complete set (Teflon cannula and tubing)
    Upper - Contains PureLine Comfort (Teflon cannula only - no tubing)

*     This allows you to change the Teflon cannulas twice for every tubing

I don't know about anyone else but the box that my Comforts come in DO NOT
have two sections.  I get one cannula set and one tube in each vacumn-packed
infusion set package.  What is the direction sheet talking about?

Also, even if you got an extra cannula set, does anyone else change the
needle, but reuse the tubing?  If so, how many times can you reuse the
tubing?  Does this save a lot of money?  Can you buy the cannula sets
separately without tubing?


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