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[IP] needle phobia

rfranklin wrote...a LONG time ago...I am 23 digests behind...:

<<   Is there anyone out there that can tell me how to get over the 
<< fear of  jabbing that gigantic introducer needle in my gut?  >>

I don't think our maker wants us to "get over" the fear of jabbing big sharp 
objects into our bodies...if we got over it so easy, there might be more 
reported incidents of hari kari committed around this time of year...(am I 
the only one who still needs to do their taxes????)

But really...I am NOT over my fear, I just accept it, but then I have "only" 
been doing the pump thing for 6 years..maybe someday.  My current procedure 
is as follows:

I have to be alone in the room, I have to force myself to BREATHE -  I have a 
tendency to hold my breath and that makes me fall over and go boom.

I v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y place the tip of the 10 gauge (IMHO) needle n my skin 
and, as I exhale, imagine my skin cells moving apart - sounds 
ridiculous...but try it - visual imagery at its best...If it hurts at all, I 
pull it away from my skin and move 1/2 an inch...and try again.  Usually 2nd 
time is the charm.  If someone is in the room, or if there are distractions 
and I cant focus on the matter at hand, so to speak, it HURTS, and it WONT go 
in, no matter how hard I push - them skin cells just aint gonna separate.

*-)=B xoxx~~~~~~~~~[507]      sara with her blood filled eye, cute grin (see 
photo on IP web site), droopy boobs, lovely scar around her innie belly 
button and a LONG tubing this week attached to her 507...which I will give up 
when they pry my cold dead finger from around it...

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