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RE: [IP] Blaming Diabetics

At 09:17 AM 4/13/1999  Randall Winchester wrote:
>Nurse Ratchet strikes again!  I wonder if she was a RN, LPN, or soap-opera
>wannabe nurse...  obviously she flunked her patient care classes...  I've run
>into people who claim "I'm a nurse" and when you question them about it they
>have no qualifications.  They may have worked in a doctors office or nursing
>home as an assistant or they might have taken a class at nursing school, or
>they even might have been licensed thirty years ago.  But their current
>qualifications are non-existant...  When you encounter these people just ask
>them to reference the current "standards of care" instead of the 1950's
>version and watch them turn funny colors when they don't know what they are...

Sounds like someone we know... she always tells everyone that she's a 
nurse. It turns out that she was a "practical nurse" (i.e. not a registered 
nurse) for a short time, decades ago. But, that doesn't stop her from 
talking like she knows everything medical. Argghh!!


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