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RE: [IP] Blaming Diabetics

On 12 Apr 99 at 12:31, Dan Richardson wrote:

> The male started to make useless statements about how could I do that blah,
> blah, blah...after which his wife started in by adding, :"I'm a nurse and I
> would never do that, I would take them to the car or the bathroom."
> "Oh that's sanitary!  Besides, it is a finger prick, not open heart
> massage."

Nurse Ratchet strikes again!  I wonder if she was a RN, LPN, or soap-opera 
wannabe nurse...  obviously she flunked her patient care classes...  I've run 
into people who claim "I'm a nurse" and when you question them about it they 
have no qualifications.  They may have worked in a doctors office or nursing 
home as an assistant or they might have taken a class at nursing school, or 
they even might have been licensed thirty years ago.  But their current 
qualifications are non-existant...  When you encounter these people just ask 
them to reference the current "standards of care" instead of the 1950's 
version and watch them turn funny colors when they don't know what they are...

> If these a__h___s had simply told us they found it disturbing, that would be
> one thing.  In retrospect, if I have hear someone cursing again, I will tell
> them to clamp it or we can discuss it outside.  The simple fact of the matter
> is that I will not make the boys think there is anything wrong with what we
> have to do.  Hiding it would contradict that.  Fortunately they had no idea
> that the exchange of words had anything to do with them.

Those people were wrong - plain and simple.  They were the offensive ones, and 
should have been asked to leave.  They caused the public disturbance, not you 
or your boys...  unfortunately there are a few idiots like that floating around 
loose.  Fortunately there are not too many of them and they can usually be 
handled by ignoring them.  Sometimes all they want is attention...  and what 
they need is a swift hard kick in the rear.  I bet they like Ann Landers too...

> The manager offered to allow us to use his office and also gave us my meal for
> free.  He handled it very well.

It sounds like the manager was on the ball and trying to take care of his 

I cannot repeat it too often - Test Proudly!  Never, ever, ever be ashamed of 
who you are and what you have to do to take care of yourself...  Maybe that's 
our new T-shirt design...

Randall P. Winchester
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