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Re: [IP] more beginner questions....

How does one know when it needs to be changed?  Is it just a matter of
I'm just worried about infection.

>Tara, just fill up the syringe all the way, and use it till it runs out.
>Change the catheter whenever it needs it.  Most of us go 3 or 5 days, or
>more occasionally.  They recommend 2 because that's the least common
>denominator, i.e., most everyone can go 2 days.  It takes more work on
>"their" part to explain how to assess when you need to change catheters.
>Kind of like public school education that has been slowed down so to keep
>the weakests students moving right along.  But we pumpers are the diabetic
>elite,  the creme de la creme, right out there on the front lines, blazing
>new trails *S*
>* Wayne *

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