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Re: [IP] more beginner questions....

Tara, just fill up the syringe all the way, and use it till it runs out.
Change the catheter whenever it needs it.  Most of us go 3 or 5 days, or
more occasionally.  They recommend 2 because that's the least common
denominator, i.e., most everyone can go 2 days.  It takes more work on
"their" part to explain how to assess when you need to change catheters.
Kind of like public school education that has been slowed down so to keep
the weakests students moving right along.  But we pumpers are the diabetic
elite,  the creme de la creme, right out there on the front lines, blazing
new trails *S*

<<<<<I've been calculating how much insulin to fill the syringe with when
loading my pump, if I want to use it twice do I double the amount of
insulin and just keep it in the pump? For example, if I am using 90 units
in 3 days, I would fill it with 180 units for 6 days?  Why do they
recommend changing the catheter every 2 days?  Do the majority of pump
users change the catheter every 3 days?

* Wayne *

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