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[IP] The educated ones!

     Kudos to the person who was testing in a restaurant, and got to 
     overhear someone explain to their friend what you were doing. I 
     have a similar happy story - 
        I ride the "T" (the subway) in Boston, to and from work. 
     Generally I'm able to find a seat, but one night the train was very 
     crowded and my pump started to give a "No Delivery" alarm. I spoke 
     to the man in one of the front seats, showing him the pump. I said,
     "Excuse me, sir, this is a medical device, and I need to sit down, 
     if you don't mind." He jumped up, very polite, and then said,
        "Hey, is that an insulin pump?" I said it was, and he told me 
     his mom has one, too, and it's changed her life! We talked shop for 
     a good part of the ride. What a nice treat, when a stranger can 
     relate (rather than stare, gape, or say something knuckleheaded)!
     email @ redacted

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