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Re: [IP] testing (history)

In a message dated 04/13/1999 9:21:34 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Do they still make the tablets that fizz?  Those were cool!
For those of you whose first experience with testing involves pricking your 
finger, a little history....

Prior to home glucose testing, we had to privilege of testing our urine for 
sugar. When I was first dx'd, I was given a little kit that consisted of a 
test tube, a dropper and some tablets.  I put so many drops of urine and so 
many drops of water in the tube then added a tablet (I think it was 10 urine 
and 5 water but I used to fudge on this so much to get good tests that I 
forgot).  The tablet fizzed for a while and then the tube was compared to a 
chart to see how much sugar was in your urine.  Blue was good (negative, no 
sugar), Orange was bad (4+).  There were other "cool" colors but mine were 
usually one or the other.

In my opinion, home glucose monitoring was the best thing that has happened 
to diabetes management.  The pump would take a close second.

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