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Timing the Humalog (was)Re: [IP] waiting period

    My daughter's CDE publishes a newsletter for his Pump group. The spring 
issue had an article about timing with Humalog. I'm quoting here:
    "To get the maximum benefit from Humalog, it appears that it is best to 
take the injection (or bolus for pumpers) 15 minutes prior to eating. 
Researchers at the Univ. of New Mexico found that subjects who took Humalog 
just before or after meals had much higher bgs following the meal. With a bg 
of 185 before the meal, those who took it 30 mins prior had a 178 post 
prandial reading, those who took it 15 mins prior had a 216, those who took 
it WITH the meal had a 260 & those who took it 15 mins after had a 285 
post-prandial reading.
    Taking Humalog 30 mins prior had the best post-prandial BUT this was 
associated with other problems like hypos right before eating & high bgs 3-4 
hours later.
    Further states that the 15 mins rule does NOT apply to children & lean 
adults who may have rapid absorption, or those with gastroparesis, who would 
all do better to take it with or right after meals. Same approach applies to 
a meal with a lot of fiber, protein or fat that will digest more slowly.
    And lest anyone think this is "Gospel", remember that everyone's "mileage 
may INDEED vary" on any given day!!! just thought the results of the study 
were interesting & more in line with my daughter's experiences.

Regards, Renee
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