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[IP] Michael Moore - Pancreas Transplant (?)

Last night I watched Michael Moore.  I was not familiar with him.
Anyway, one of the topics was this guy who needed a pancreas transplant
or he would die.  The guy is diabetic and was not in need of a kidney
transplant just a pancreas transplant or he could die in a few days.  My
question, why would a diabetic need a pancreas transplant to save
his/her life?  Hasn't our pancreas ( islet cells ) given out and that's
why we take insulin?  Gee's I feel so stupid asking this.  I know I
don't need too but I do.  :-|

At first I thought this was a hoax, but my husband said that this
Michael Moore doesn't mess around.  The insurance company had denied
this guy of the pancreas transplant so Michael Moore went after the
insurance company and the guy ended up getting the transplant.

Fran B.

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