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Re: Test Proudly! (Was Re: [IP] Blaming Diabetics)

I've been checking my blood sugars up to 10 times a day for about 4 years
now. The only people I ever get hassels from are my pharmacists who make me
feel guilty everytime I call up for a new script.  The first incedince of
pharmacists giving me problems was when I was away from home attending
college.  A "nurse" from a Shoppers Drug Mart called me at home to ask me
if I was "sick" because I was going through way too many test strips and
she was concerned.  I told her that I wasn't sick and that I test
frequently to ensure good control. She then went on to say that she called
my doctor back home and he told her I should only be checking my blood
sugars 3 times a day.  I refused to belive this and told her I would check
into this and call her back.  Well I called my doctor and he had no such
phone call and it was his receptionist that took the call and answered a
general question of  "how many times a day does a diabetic check their
blood sugar?"  Being sort of correct, I guess,  she said "3 times". This
was what she was basing her conclusion of me checking too much.  I was
furious to say the least and went down to the Shoppers and spoke directly
with this "nurse" telling her that I was aware she only spoke to the
receptionist and that if she was supposed to be helping people she'd better
educate herself on diabetes and realize that testing bg levels more than 4
times a day is a good thing  and it can do nothing but help prevent
complications in the future.  I ended the conversation by telling her I
would be taking my prescription needs across the street to the another
pharmacy.  I told the new pharmacist why I left Shoppers and they were
terrific for the remaining two years I attended college.  I check my sugars
wherever and whenever I need to.  I'm never embarassed checking my bg's.  I
am now checking even more because I am pregnant and just recently using the
pump.  I am especially aware now not to act shy when checking or adjusting
my insulin on the pump because I have a child coming that I don't want to
think it is something I need to be embarassed by.  I want my child to know
that I take pride in doing whatever I need to do to make sure I'll be
around for as long as I can, and healthy!  So far so good, 15 years and no
complications.  I am still very surprised by how much negative comments I
recieve when I tell physicians how many times I check my bg's in a day.
They all think I'm addicted to it or something. I even had one pharmacist
accuse me of selling the stips to other people!  I wish people were more
educated. I must say that I have seen an improvement in the last 4 years.

>If ever challenged,
>you have medical practice, good manners and the ADA to back you up.  You are
>following your medical protocol by testing and anyone who interferes is
>negatively impacting your health...  If someone is "bothered" by you testing,
>that is not your problem

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