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Re: [IP] waiting period

I just started pumping 3 days ago so I don't think I've developed an
antibody that quickly, at least I hope not anyways.

>Tara Dufour wrote:
>> I'm finding I'm having high bg's about 40 min after injection and eating,
>> but if I take a unit to get the high down I'm low within another hour.  I
>> never used to wait longer than 5 min. to eat when I took my humalog
>> injection, now that I'm on the pump should I be waiting longer before I
>> start eating?
>I'm having to wait longer than I used to, also -- I wonder if people
>develop antibodies to Humalog the same way as to animal insulins. Since
>Humalog is different from human insulin, the possibility exists!
>But I don't think it's the pump, but rather the insulin.
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