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[IP] TOOTH DECAY - sugar at night~~~~~~~

Hi everyone,

Am I just paranoid (being the sister-in-law of a dentist!) or is anyone else 
concerned about the longterm effect of sugar on their teeth from middle of 
the night hypos????   

I can't begin to imagine how many times we have had to give Laura sugar 
(juice, tabs, sugar cubes, etc) in the middle of the night since she was 
diagnosed.  I fear what the longterm prognosis for this will be for having 
sugar in her mouth over and over again without having her teeth properly 
brushed afterwards.

I would love and welcome any tips that you all use concerning this issue.  I 
am a case worker in Child Welfare two days a week so I frequently see the 
typical 'rotting front teeth' which results from babies given bottles in 
their beds at night and it just got me thinking about Laura and all the sugar 
we are pumping into her little mouth at times............

Sherri Lynn
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