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[IP] Renaming DM

email @ redacted wrote:
> Barb,  that is a sweet, but sad story.  I don't remember having those
> thoughts when I was diagnosed (age 9), but I do remember discussing taking
> the die out of diabetes at camp when I was 11or so.  But Livabetes doesn't
> sound too good either (unless you like liver).  We just need to rename this
> disease to something more upbeat.  Any ideas?  ellen

WEll, to be literal, Type 1 is Autoimmune Insulinopenia -- which means
there is a lack insulin in the body for autoimmune reasons. If you were
explaining that to a child, you could merely  call it AI, and tell them
it means their body isn't producing enough insulin to digest their food,
and they need to take shots to help, so they can grow and feel well and
have energy. 

Type 2 could retain the name Diabetes, cause most people who develop it
are old enough to understand it, and it IS the majority of cases, after

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