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Re: [IP] Insurance

I have BCBS Blue Choice POS and the list of doctors is like a phone book.
It really matters if you have doctors you really like who aren't covered by
the plan.  In my situation I had just moved and was starting a new job.  I
had to pick all new doctors anyways.  My PCP is just down the road and had a
recommendation for her.  My endo is in Boston which is a little bit of a
hike, but he also came highly recommended.  I am not sure if your plan in
Georgia differs from the one in Massachusetts, however.  my company also
pays for the insurance through a percentage of ones salary, not on a person
to person basis.  thus, I pay the same as everyone else.  But YMMV.

- Sherry
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Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 6:29 PM
Subject: [IP] Insurance

>I live in Georgia and am currently with State Health Benefit Plan (State
>Merit).  We are in our open enrollment period right now and I am curious to
>know if anyone out there is with Blue Choice HMO.  Do you like their
>coverage and dealing with this plan?  It is cheaper than State Merit but
>not sure if cheaper necessarily means better.
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