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Re: [IP] NLD plus a vent

     I too have NLD.  I have had the problem for about 9 years now.  
It all started when I bumped my shin in school.  Anyway, I have done 
some research about the condition, there is little info in the form 
of studies.  Everything that i have seen is case reports where 
docotors have tried things and it worked for their patient.  I have 
myself used steroid creams, steroid dressings, steriod shots--
directly into my shin (ouch!) (this did help somewhat), i have also 
tried taking persantine and trental (both heart/blood medications) 
neither of those worked.  Basically I live with it as best i can, i 
have yet to develop an ulceration on my nld (knock on wood **) But i 
am EXTREMELY protective of my shins, the few times that i have bumped 
them they hurt like all hell!! (does this happen to you?) I also 
found that i get intense cramping in that shin when i walk or run.

    As for a vent, In the summer when i wear shorts or when i wear a 
skirt i am so sick of nosy people going ..."ewww what happend to your 
leg??!!"  as if it is any of their business.  If i had a big scar on 
my face people would not be so bold.  do you get this often?  people 
are so rude and unthoughtful, as if satisfing their own curiosity 
somehow makes it ok to hurt someone's feelings.  so as for that i 
usually make up something stupid.  if they are nice i will tell them 
motorcycle accident or shark bite.  If they are loud and obnoxious 
about it then i will tell them it is cancer, so that they feel really 
bad.  I just wish people would learn to keep their mouth shut and let 
me be free to wear shorts without worrying about what some idiot is 
going to say!!!!!!!

dm 82
mm507 97
pharmd 99

Does anyone else have problems with NLD(necrobiosis)?  I have had it 
on my legs for a couple years, but recently it has gotten worse.  I 
saw the dermatologist today and he said it has begun ulcerating.  I 
was just wondering if anyone out there has any experience with the 
same problem.

"The best way to a man's heart is to saw his breast plate open."
                          --Women's restroom, Murphy's, Champaign, IL

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